The Grap,Nuage series consists of glaze elements that can vary in color depending on the temperature of the kiln or the way it is applied, creating a different variant of the light in the sky that changes with light. Grap nuage is a combination of "grap" meaning "catch" and "nuage," meaning "cloud" in French. The body of a vase is shaped like a cloud and has a name for catching a cloud.

“In this case the glaze elements are suitable for expressing the fluidity of the sky. The concept expands further to show a more delicate color, showing various possibilities for forming textual shapes such as haze and frost.”

"The products on sale are handmade and their quality reflect unique standards of production based on singular craftsmanship and bespoke finishings. Glaze is a metamporphic and organic ,in consequence, each product is unique due to its natural diversity."